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7 Facts To Know About Body Laser Hair Treatment


Mostly, everyone is talking about body laser hair removal treatment these days. And it’s all for a good reason. Maybe it’s because it’s one of the long-term hair reduction methods. Also, it’s more common among people nowadays. If you’re planning for Body Laser Hair Treatment, then our list of hair removal facts is sure to interest you.

Of course, there are many who still have misconceptions about this beautiful process. So, just to clear up some of the confusion, we have brought you our best collection of essential things and facts about Laser Hair Treatment procedures.

So, without further making you wait, let’s learn something unique and amazing about the Laser Hair Treatment process.

Top 7 Body Laser Hair Treatment Facts You Should Know

1. The Process of Body Laser Hair Treatment is Not Painful

We find it to be the biggest misconception about the laser hair removal procedure. Whenever people plan for a Laser Hair Treatment from a professional medspa laser treatments Clinic, just by the name of it, many are scared of it.

But you can relax, and we guarantee that it will not! Actually, the Body Laser Hair Treatment process is very tolerable, and we describe it as pain-free. There are chances that some patients might experience a little bit of discomfort.

But to clarify this, the sensation that people feel during Hair Treatment is nothing more than that of a pinching.

Many medical spas use diode laser hair removal machines with ice technology. So, the ice helps in cooling down the skin, and the laser does not heat up too much skin. So the clients stay comfortable all the time.

2.Body Laser Hair Treatment Procedure Works Well on All Skin Tones

It’s another misconception people have in their minds. But with our help and knowledge, we will debunk this fact for you. The Laser Hair Treatment uses a beam of light that targets the pigments in the hair follicle.

With serious damage to the latter, it stops the further hair growth. The machine is designed to target dark hair, which can sometimes target the melanin in the skin.

It shows that dark skin people were more prone to scarring and burns. But, as modern technology has changed, all those problems have changed. The new machines that use the NdYAG laser have a better wavelength system.

They are safe and also efficient for dark skin. Thus, the Body Laser Hair process works on all skin types as well as tones.

3. You Have To Stop Using Some Medications

As you’re now aware that Body Laser Hair Treatment is not a painful process anymore; still, there might be some levels of pain, depending upon each individual’s personal level of pain tolerance.

The dermatologists also recommend avoiding exposing your skin to direct sunlight. And they also offer some medications that prevent a reaction in the skin to UV light.

It’s seen that some people start the medicine course immediately after they have undergone a laser hair removal treatment. But it is wrong. You should wait at least ten to fifteen days for your laser treatment before starting the session.

You can then start using photosensitive medication that includes retinoids, antibiotics, allergy medication, and other important drugs that can offer healing from scarring or any skin burns.

4. The Laser Treatment Might Not Work On Light Hair

It’s the goodness of Laser Hair Treatment procedure that works well on all skin complexions. Now, new technology has allowed many individuals to enjoy laser hair treatment irrespective of having light skin.

Grey and Blond hairs have weak pigments. And white hair completely lacks pigmentation. So, as a consequence, people who have white hair might not be able to treat the areas.

But they can still undergo Body Laser Hair Treatment in other skin regions.

5. You Need To Be Patient

Now, laser hair removal is more like a commitment. You might need to have a laser removal session about every six weeks or as per your body’s hair growth cycle.

Also, the hairs that pop out after six weeks or more will not magically vanish. It is estimated that it takes around two to three weeks after your first treatment. It will help you see a lot of difference.

We recommend that you should avoid shaving until ten days after each session. In doing so, you’ll see better results as you progress in your treatment.

But you need to be patient during such times and be regular in your appointments.

6. You Need To Stop Tanning Your Skin in the Sun

It’s seen that the best time to start the Body Laser Hair Treatment procedure is during the beginning of the fall season. The main reason is that your skin will be less exposed to the sun. Also, it marks the end of the summer holidays, so people start wearing full-length dresses.

Therefore, your tan will fade on its own after a few months. And it is what you need. While the tan changes your skin tone. So, it can mess up with the laser settings as well as its efficiency.

The worst thing tan can do is that it can also increase your skin’s photosensitivity.

Our recommendation would be to not get Laser Hair Treatment if you have tanned skin. It can give you sunburns if you had a recent body laser hair treatment. If by any chance you have to go out in the sun, then you should apply a strong UV sunblock SPF 30 at least.

7. Shave Prior To Your Hair Removal Appointment

Shaving the body kind of makes the hair follicles sensitive. And if you think you have a session next week, then you should avoid it at all costs. This is because the laser does not target the hair; it goes for the hair follicles present in the skin.

And the laser aims to damage it with heat to prevent any further growth of hair.

If the hair is not shaved, the laser pulse light will affect and heat the whole hair. And such a thing can cause severe burns to the skin around it.

Nowadays, laser hair removal is quite an affordable thing. So, you should put up some extra sessions.

Final Words

So, those are some facts to clear up your misconceptions about Body Laser Hair Treatment procedures. Although you’ll find many more facts about this process, we believe these are some of the essential ones.

As for the laser hair treatment, if you’re interested in having hair-free skin, then contact our professional skin care experts. Our aim is to use treatments that look natural to enhance your inherent beauty.

Book or schedule an appointment with us and give your body the skincare it wants!

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