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Dr. Neetu Nebhwani

CEO & Medical Director

Niki Gottlieb


Niki joins us from a field of operative nursing. She has been a hospital nurse for 25 years, the last 14 of which have been focused primarily in the pre operative surgical unit.

For the past 6 years she has been practicing aesthetics. Niki’s attention to detail and warm personality carry over perfectly into her aesthetic role here at La Vie MD! Her natural ability to listen to her clients concerns, along with her knowledge and skills in the nursing field have already made her a favorite with our clients.

We are so lucky to have Niki and we can’t wait for you to meet her!

Jazmyn Marino

Aesthetic Nurse

Jazmyn has been working as an aesthetic nurse since 2019. Immediately after graduating from nursing school, she passed her boards and started her career in aesthetics and fell in love with it. Before joining La Vie MD, she was mentored and trained alongside a board certified plastic surgeon and aesthetic dermatologist. She has years of experience in various laser treatments, skincare, microneedling, chemical peels, body treatments, and her favorite treatments are Morpheus and injectables.

“Working in aesthetics we get the privilege to enhance each patient’s natural beauty. I love to create a space where patients feel safe, comfortable, acknowledged, and beautiful. It’s truly rewarding to be able to help patients reach their aesthetic goals because they start to shine from the inside-out.”

When Jazmyn is not at the office she enjoys the outdoors, finding a good milk tea, watching FRIENDS, spending quality time with her family, and continuing her education in the aesthetic field.


Lauren Hammond


Hi! My name is Lauren and I am a registered nurse who has been working in the hospital on a medical/surgical unit for over a year now. I earned my Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree in 2020 from the University of Arizona. While I have loved starting my nursing career in the hospital setting, my true passion has always been beauty and skincare. I am so honored to start my journey as an aesthetic nurse here at LaVie, MD.

I am determined to provide the best treatments to my clients and continue to expand my knowledge in this industry. I have a bubbly and warm personality that I know will help me to form trusting relationships with my clients. I could not be more thrilled to be part of this amazing team and am excited to help people feel beautiful and confident in their own skin!



Hi, My name is Meghan Craddock and I’ve been in the aesthetics industry since 2015 when I joined the Beauty Redefined team. I went to Cabrillo college where I graduated in 2010 with my AS in nursing.

I love working with my patients to bring them results that help them feel heard about their desires and better about themselves. This profession allows me to help so many patients feel more confident in their own skin.

In my off time, I soak up every minute I can with my 3 girls going on adventures to the beach, camping and so many other fun things as a family.




Kathryn Fassero, ANP-BC, CANS Kathryn, a board-certified Nurse Practitioner and Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist, is welcomed to the practice having over 10 years of experience in the aesthetic medical field. While also a proud alumna of UC Berkeley (GO BEARS!), she received both her Bachelor and Master of Science from the prestigious Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. Always seeking the most up-to-date news and research in aesthetics, she enjoys attending industry conferences and trainings whenever she can. Kathryn is a proponent of the natural results and safety of non-invasive and minimally-invasive treatments.

Her personal experiences with aesthetic procedures began over 25 years ago and afford her the insight to deliver individualized treatment plans while instilling patient confidence. A Southern California native, Kathryn has a passion for world travel, performing arts, and Pilates. She enjoys the suburban life in Alamo with her husband, two young children, and two cats.



Kendra, with over six years of expertise as a seasoned medical aesthetician, exudes an unwavering passion for her craft that intensifies with each passing day. Having completed her education at a prestigious beauty school in Southern California immediately after high school, she embarked on a transformative journey across the country, from Boston to her current location in Northern California. Her daily mission upon entering the office transcends mere routine; it is an ardent commitment to enlighten her clientele and foster profound confidence in their own skin, leaving them adorned with radiant smiles. Kendra is driven by tangible results, a testament to her authentic desire to positively impact people’s lives. Beyond the confines of the MedSpa, Kendra is an avid adventurer, finding joy in exploring diverse landscapes and discovering the inherent beauty this world has to offer. Her penchant for travel not only adds richness to her personal experiences but also undoubtedly influences her professional perspective, making her a truly well-rounded individual in both her career and her explorations.

La Vie MD: Kendra-Morris

Shiva Rostampour

Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner/Director of Operations

With a deep passion for helping people feel better and lead happier lives, Shiva loves coming into work every day, knowing she will be making a positive difference. Born in Iran, Shiva graduated from one of the best Nursing Programs in Iran with her BSN and NP. She has enjoyed a thriving career in Aesthetic Medical field for over 6 years. She has recieved her trainings from the best aesthetic trainers around the world from Dubai to London. Her line of experties beside botox, is lip augmentation (Russian Lips) and liquid rhinoplasty.
Shiva enjoys educating patients on aesthetic medicine and explaining what each product can do to help enhance and maintain your natural beauty. She is passionate about keeping up with the newest products, techniques, and technology to always provide her patients with the best care and outcome.
In her free time, Shiva enjoys spending time with her husband and loves to connect with nature and music.

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