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Acne Laser Treatment


Laser Acne Treatment is a great way to help reduce the appearance of acne as it aims to treat the root cause of the problem by targeting the bacteria that is responsible for causing the acne and infections.

How it works

Through the use of laser beams directed at specific areas of your skin, the laser removes the acne-scarred skin creating an opportunity for new skin cell growth. This stimulates the natural healing of the skin and the reduction of oily blotches on your skin in order to remove scarring.


Laser Treatment for acne is proven to be the fastest way to deal with hyperpigmentation and deep scars that one gets over time. This treatment is beneficial in inflammatory acne as well.

It also improves skin tone and reduces oil production.


Yes. Laser treatments are FDA approved and are safe to use on all skin types for the treatment of acne.

Generally, the treatment is done on the face, arms, back, upper torso, and neck.

Side effects of laser acne treatments are usually minor and disappear within a day or two. One might experience slight discomfort, temporary darkening of the skin, or minimal bruising.