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AquaGold is a skin treatment that involves the use of a small device that uses tiny 24-karat gold needles to infuse hyaluronic acid, vitamins, and Botox and PRP just below the skin’s surface. This small device has 20 gold-plated microneedles, which are thinner than a strand of hair and is designed to penetrate the skin at a very shallow depth. This mixture helps to hydrate and rejuvenate the skin, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and improve the overall skin texture and tone. It is a minimally invasive treatment that is typically used on the face, neck, and chest areas.

How it works

Aqua gold is an FDA approved micro needling device that delivers a customized blend of products deep into the skin by injecting 24k gold needles. The treatment is known for its ability to produce quick and noticeable results with minimal downtime.


Aquagold helps you target fine lines and wrinkles, smoothens out crow’s feet, refines pores, and reduces pigmentation, acne scarring, and dryness, It also boosts hydration and luminosity for a glow that typically lasts up to 4 weeks.


One sitting usually lasts for 3-4 months.

There is no downtime.

The treatment is not painful. The microneedles are very fine and the majority of the patients can tolerate them well.

  • Avoid washing your face on the day of treatment.
  • Avoid putting makeup on for at least 6-8 hrs after treatment.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure immediately after treatment

The beneficial effects of the vampire facial on the skin will last up to a year or so. Further treatments will be necessary to maintain the youthful look and improved skin appearance.