Myths And Facts About Semaglutide Injection For Weight Loss
The Myths And Facts About Semaglutide Injection For Weight Loss

The Myths And Facts About Semaglutide Injection For Weight Loss


With the rise in the use of Semaglutide for weight loss, we’ve noticed a mix of myths and facts spreading about the negative effects of Semaglutide. Let’s clear the doubts and discuss how this drug, when combined with healthy eating, detoxification, and awareness of your symptoms, can be a huge help to those who have trouble losing weight because of metabolic disorders.

Myth #1: Semaglutide Is Only For Diabetic People

It is a false belief that Semaglutide injection is only for people suffering from diabetes. Even non-diabetics can also take advantage of this magical drug to manage their weight. FDA has approved this drug for non-diabetic obese people. We know that overweight conditions often lead to diabetes, so using Semaglutide for weight management is a wise option to prevent it. Moreover, it also improves blood sugar levels and reduces inflammation, if used properly.

Myth #2 Nausea & Vomiting Are Common & Occur Often

Nausea is a common side effect of Semaglutide, but this is not true for every patient. Few patients experience nausea in the beginning but return to normal after careful planning of dosages. At La Vie MD, our team of experienced professionals ensures that our clients go through intense detoxification to assist with hormone and digestive system rebalancing before starting any Semaglutide treatment. Moreover, we also recommend avoiding oily foods, slow eating, and consuming smaller meals to minimize discomfort.

Nausea Vomiting

Myth #3 No Need For Lifestyle Changes For Weight Loss

Semaglutide Injections aid in reducing appetite thus promoting weight loss. However, you need to adopt lifestyle changes like healthy eating and regular workouts to achieve great results. This is necessary for all weight loss medications or treatments. The key is if you need long-term results, you need to make permanent lifestyle habits that encourage weight loss.

Myth #4 Semaglutide Is A Life-Long Treatment

Few people believe that they have to take Semaglutide for a lifetime to manage their weight. But this is not true. You can maintain your weight even after discontinuing its use. However, this is possible with eating a healthy and balanced diet paired with regular exercise sessions For some people, the treatment may take some time but it’s not a lifelong process.

Myth #5 Weight Gain Immediately After Treatment

Once the Semaglutide injection for weight loss treatment is over, you need to keep up with the lifestyle changes. If you return to old habits of overeating and a sedentary lifestyle, then chances are high that you gain weight again. However, it’s completely possible to maintain weight with the right diet and physical exercise.

Weight Gain Immediately After Treatment

Myth #6 You Will Get Ozempic Face

Reduced face fat is a common side effect of weight loss, not just with Semaglutide. At La Vie MD, we offer a variety of treatments to address skin issues that arise after weight reduction. We have an expert team to tighten your loose skin and smoothen the fine lines that appear after treatment.

La Vie MD

No, this is completely wrong. Although the FDA has approved Semaglutide for non-diabetics, it does not mean that anyone can go for Semaglutide treatment. It is recommended for people who are overweight and suffering from diabetes.

Final Words

Weight loss treatments like Semaglutide injection should be taken under the supervision of experienced professionals (preferably MD’s) to achieve great results. They are not suitable for everyone, so it’s crucial to uncover the myths and facts linked to this weight loss procedure.

At La Vie MD, we offer Semaglutide treatment which delivers the best results with minimal discomfort. Our experts go through your medical history and health status before suggesting a procedure for you. Besides, you can avail of our one-to-one online consultations. Need a toned body? Book a consultation today!

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